LCSJ Real Estate Solutions

LCSJ Real Estate Solutions (LCSJ-RES) combines experience and capabilities to deliver quality, on time and within scope. We use YARDI property management software to manage real property. YARDI is the leading software solution in the real estate industry and is being used by the US Army to track the management of Department of Defense installation real property. Our management approach to each engagement begins at contract award. It is a “developed” approach based on each specific client, each mission requirement, and the unique environment of that project. We build a self-performing team to fill the management positions and all of the operational staff positions.

We build a lean and agile organizational structure and management approach that lowers risks and cost. This single-purpose organization offers our clients exceptional service quality, outstanding value, and delivers superior cost and schedule performance.

The Benefits to You:
  • Integrated property and logistics management
  • Provides rapid reduction of your real property footprint, when needed
  • Ability to track and maintain personal property inventory accuracies that meet or exceed the internationally recognized property management consensus standards of ASTM International.
Property & Logistics Management

LCSJ provides a focused range of real estate and property management services to Federal, state, institutional and commercial clients:

  • Real estate services and land reuse/disposal
  • Personal property management
  • Material storage
  • Warehouse management   

LCSJ supports client-property asset management with project planning, on-site support, assessments, and inventory validation. Our assessments include business practices surveys and vulnerability assessments. We work with our clients to redefine best practices that should be used to manage the property assets for each individual site.

We Manage Property Assessments

We have simple direct methods of initiating and using fixed asset management programs including real and personal property—from planned acquisition through acquisition, control and disposal. This includes integration or migration of legacy asset tracking systems and covers in-house and out-sourced inventories, and sales activities.

Rapid Response and Project Ramp Up

Through our partnerships and affiliations, we have the additional capability to staff and perform the full compliment of day-to-day activities that are consistent with Base Operations and Support logistics, warehousing, packing, shipping, receiving, inventory control, process reengineering and systems/process modernization operations at decentralized locations.

The Benefit to Youwe are uniquely positioned to serve as a full partner on your mission, and provide full service managers and operators of local or organization-wide property and logistics facilities.

Property & Logistics Management Resources

We recruit skilled property management professionals with expertise in public and private sector requirements and practices. We recruit from local resources and labor pools, and provide task-specific training to improve their skills. We seek task leads and project managers with on-site experience, and are adept at recruiting retirees for administrative positions. We select team members based on education, technical skills, and supply-management expertise—our past performance shows that we provide consistent and highly professional property management consulting and operational support to our clients.

Internal Controls Suite for SOX Compliance

The issue of compliance has become increasingly important to our clients because of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, enacted in 2002. While we are not a publicly-traded company, some of our clients are. We maintain a simple but effective enterprise-wide Corporate Governance solution for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. The system includes internal controls across our business processes and systems using spreadsheets, documents, databases, and paper records. The system has been designed for compliance, change management and collaboration, With this allows us to seamlessly organize disparate “islands of information” into a structured hierarchy brings our financial accounting, disclosure and related processes in compliance to the regulation.

  • GSA
  • Navy Seaport e,
  • SBA 8(a)
  • Hub Zone