LCSJ provides focused construction management that includes the overall planning, co-ordination and control of smaller construction projects from inception to completion. We are not a large construction company, but we are a company of excellence. We are not the most- or least expensive, but we are competitive and a best value company. Our Design-Build Direct is aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project completed on time within the authorized cost and to the required quality standards. LCSJ's CEO Linwood Scott was certified in the Clark Construction LSDBE Strategic Partneship Programin June 2009 The LCSJ Design-Build-Direct (DBD)

The LCSJ Design-Build Direct is a "one-manager, one-plan" approach for new construction and rehabilitation projects. We also apply the techniques to transformation (going Green) and sustainability projects. LCSJ planning includes all the ways to lower our negative impact on the environment and, at the same time, make the projects that we build, repair or maintain healthier. Our Design-Build Direct methodology does not focus on saving the construction costs. Nonetheless it often saves the money on the overall project. Schedule compression is an important aspect of our implementation of this system. Other potential attributes include:

  • Enhanced communication between the task specialist, the project manager and the client Increased accountability by the project team Single source project delivery
  • Value-based project feedback system
  • The Design- Direct approach provides early mobilization—construction activities proceed concurrently with the design.
  • Build Controls the scope of the work
  • Provides realistic project scheduling
  • Makes optimum use of our design and construction skills and talents
  • Avoids delays, changes and disputes
  • Enhances project design and construction quality
  • Provides optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement

Direct benefit to you—a single point of contact allows you flexibility that provides continual refinement of the project to maximize the value at the completion.

Direct benefit to you—single source permits, design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing solutions.


Imagine the benefits of making a single phone call to a team that can handle your entire construction project—using that phone number to contact the on-site project manager at any time—the entire team working on your project tied into a single wireless network. The distance from your desk to our worker holding the hammer is two steps.


From initial planning, conceptual drawings, budgets, permits, feasibility studies and working drawings to the actual construction and final walk-through, we employ specialists (experts in their field) to complete each task.


The LCSJ approach to planning is to capture the requirements, make a site assessment using the task specialists. It is a top-down, bottom-up approach that resolves many problems before they can occur.


Design-Build-Direct “costing" reduces the risk of paying for detailed drawings that typically require major overhauls during contract performance. The detail and investigative work completed up front eliminates surprises during construction. In-house Design Drawings Eliminate time-consuming and costly errors. Our timeframe from design to completion is significantly reduced. Virtual design and construction technology based on a real as-built appraisal enables an accurate and tight construction schedule.


The Design-Build-Direct approach and team structure methodology gives you a single source of accountability. Rather than a parcelized level of responsibility LCSJ Design-Build Direct provides an integrated solution. It moves projects away from the "finger-pointing" that is often commonplace in contemporary construction projects, and allows the stakeholders to look to one entity with any questions or concerns. The on-site or field team is highly motivated to work with the design team to develop a design with constructability in mind. Our specialists creatively find ways to reduce construction costs without reducing the function of the final product. The increased constructability of the design reduces the price.

Safety Program

In 2007 LCSJ established a safety program that incorporated industry standard safety methods and procedures.

Value-Based Project Feedback

Typically, in order for a contractor to bid on a project, very specific details relating to the methods and materials must be given to avoid any ambiguity and to make an "apples to apples" comparison of bids. With the LCSJ Design-Build Direct solution we work with the stakeholders to determine what methods and materials will maximize the project value. A large percent of traditional contracts end up over budget. The LCSJ Design-Build-Direct minimizes exceeding original budgets and improves project value.

  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)
  • MSDC
  • National Chamber of Commerce
  • AIA