Wireless Deployment (Deployment Services)
Systems Design (Rapid Reaction Wireless Services)
Network Infrastructure (Wireless Network Infrastructure Services)
Support Services (Operations and Maintenance)
Program Management (Experienced RF Engineer Support)

RF Engineering Specialties

We provide an RF engineer who understands your business needs. Our engineers are trained in the budget end of the business. We know trimming your bottom line helps our bottom line.

Our company provides a full array of wireless services, network development solutions, and engineering to help our clients focus on their other core competencies. Our service capabilities enable us to respond to the increasing demand for new systems and provide comprehensive network development services.

Communication Engineering Services

LCSJ provides a full range of Communication Engineering Services from site planning and development, to field engineering and deployment, and a solid range of advisory services to assist you with your communications projects.

The Benefit—Our team will improve your resources and even improve your company’s service capabilities through knowledge transfer.
LCSJ is your outsourcing resource for the part-time or full time operations and management of your wireless network.

The Benefit—You can focus on customer-facing issues and expansion.

  • In-building Network Design Turnkey Services
  • Network Architecture Design
  • Microwave Planning
  • Best Practices Development and Audits
  • Radio Planning Design

Real Estate

LCSJ provides a focused range of real estate and property management services to Federal, state, institutional and commercial clients:

  • Real Estate Services and Land Reuse/Disposal
  • Personal Property Management
  • Material Storage
  • Warehouse Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Parameter Audits
  • RF Optimization and Performance Management
  • IP Base Station Planning

Field Services

LCSJ Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Operations include a full range of network and bandwidth usage analysis from installation, assessment and benchmarking, through drive testing.

  • Communication Equipment Installation
  • BTS delivery, Installation, Commissioning, and Field Testing
  • BTS Reconfiguration and Expansion
  • Hardware Asset Management
  • Site Integration & Acceptance
  • Telecommunication Site Surveys
  • TRX / Radio Addition and Removals
  • Drive Testing
  • Microwave Radio Ground Installation, Commissioning, and Field Testing


Project Management Advisory Services

LSCJ provides the professionals to negotiate terms and conditions between you and the property owners. We draft and review leases, obtain all necessary consents, resolve landlord issues, and prepare and record the executed contracts with appropriate exhibits.

  • Obtain final zoning approval documentation and drawings
  • Obtain building permits
  • Certify punch lists through our tracking system
  • Review preliminary title report and CC&R’s
  • Research public records
  • Recommend contractor guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Draft and oversee vendor contracts
  • Review and monitor regional site acquisition programs
  • Prepare execution of commencement packages and final leases
  • Certify accuracy of rent payments and due dates before corporate filing
  • Support external property consultants
  • Provide legal support for your company

We also manage and lead special projects for the markets (i.e., rent reduction, integration, decommissioning)

Federal, State, and Local Regulatory Advisory Services

FCC Regulatory Compliance is one of the LCSJ specialities and we interface with FCC and FAA, provide reporting and coordinating with legal and regional regulatory compliance teams.

  • Maintain and verify compliance for all new and modification sites
  • Guide Project managers, Site Acquisition teams, and Municipal Zoning Professionals through requirements to begin site construction
  • Verify that communication facilities are in compliance according to Federal aviation authority guidelines
  • Complete FAA/FCC Analysis using 1A and 2C site certificates
  • File FAA tower registration
  • Work with other carriers to demonstrate compliance in cases of co-location.

Program Management Services—Missions that Matter

  Requirements Analysis   Human Resource Management
  Information Assurance   Contingency Planning
  WBS Development   Workflow Management
  Strategic and Tactical Planning/Alignment   Technology Research and Technical Feasibility
  Program Assessments   Management Controls and Sustainment
  Program Tracking and Guidance   Business Assurance Services
  Internal and External Oversight and Reporting   Studies and Analyses
  Program Planning   Productivity
  Communications Planning   Resolution of Program Issues
  Quality Management Support   Record Management and Maintenance
  Risk Management Support   Resource Requirements
  Program Review, Oversight and Reporting   Real Estate Services/Space Planning
  Acquisition PM Support   Security, COOP, and Safety Planning
  Logistics Support   Government Cost Estimates
  Enterprise Architecture   Change Control Plans
  Transition/Change Management   Project Team Facilitation and Participation
  Inventory Management   Collaboration/Coordination

LCSJ is dedicated to solving complex problems for clients in federal government, civil government and the private sector. With more than a decade serving these clients, LCSJ delivers the expert knowledge, technical tools and trusted solutions for missions that matter—to us, our clients and the world.

Deployment Services Group

The LCSJ Deployment Services Group provides complete Telecommunications Services, Site Acquisition Services, Zoning, Regulatory Compliance, and Construction Management services for small and medium scale deployments.

LCSJ has developed the talent, skills in a range of disciplines, the ability to devise and manage complex schedules to deploy a new system. Our engineers, our proven processes, our effective techniques create an unmatched solution to getting a wireless network up and running within our client’s specifications:

  • Seasoned program managers that have site acquisition, design engineers, and installation and provisioning specialists
  • Experience in deploying scores of high performing sites, on schedule and within budget
  • Work directly with your site acquisition specialists in all phases—assessment, to selection, to site lease
  • Deliver or assist turnkey deployment
  • Operations management including system design and support, and build scenario
  • Whatever your needs you can count on our experience and resources.

The Benefit:

  • Having experts with the ability to devise and manage complex schedules to deploy a new system.
  • Knowing in advance what the anticipated costs will really be and the assurance that we will bring the project in at or under budget and on-time.
  • Having knowledgeable experts handling the complex site acquisition services, zoning regulations, and regulatory compliance.

Engineering Services

We provide RF engineers who understand your business needs. Our engineers are trained on the bottom-line and budget end of the business. We know that trimming your bottom line helps our bottom line.
Our company provides a full array of wireless services, network development solutions, and engineering to help our clients focus on their other core competencies. Our service capabilities enable us to respond to the increasing demand for new systems—comprehensive network development services.
Services include:

  • Business Consulting (Business Consulting)
  • Wireless Deployment (Deployment Services)
  • Systems Design (Rapid Reaction Wireless Services)
  • Network Infrastructure (Wireless Network Infrastructure Services)
  • Support Services (Operations and Maintenance)
  • Program Management (Experienced RF Engineer Support)

Experienced RF Engineers to Support your Project

Since 1999, LCSJ has helped wireless operators tackle the issues they face in building new or expanding existing networks using the latest, most sophisticated features and functionality. LCSJ provides the best-in-class:

  • Our RF engineers have the latest training, years of experience, a solid record of performance, and a reputation for excellence
  • Sophisticated recruiting and screening, backed by strong relationships with other speciality companies
  • One of the highest retention rates in the industry
  • Recruit engineers from specific geographic regions – focusing on those market areas that are experiencing the greatest RF challenges and growth.

Technology Concentrations

TDMA, GSM, CDMA and associated data services
Wireless networks that include cellular (e.g., GSM/GPRS/UMTS or 3G/4G and beyond) and 802 family (e.g., 802.11, 802.16, 802.20)
Engineering design and implementation in CDMA, GSM, iDEN, TDMA, GPRS, EDGE, 1xRTT, cdma2000, UMTS and UWC-136
Land Mobile Radio Service (LMRS)

Our engineers support sophisticated technologies that are integrated into wireless systems—the new and break-though services. We know that drop-off and disconnects, marginal voice quality, and Internet access through a tethered PC are soon to be things of the past. Today’s demand is for instant information and mobility, and we help our client meet those demands. Always working, always on.

The Benefit:

  • We provide you with insight to the latest technology on instant information and mobility
  • Service from technicians and engineers who are local to your sites
  • A well planned solution based on your client needs

Engineering Services Include:

  • Wireless Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • 24 x 7 Emergency Operations Support
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers of all levels, form asssociate to principal engineers
  • Spectrum Analysis and Propagation Studies
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  • Fleetmapping

Wireless Engineering Services

LCSJ Communications provides RF Engineering, Switch Engineering, Field Technician, and many other wireless services to operators and vendors.

Services include:

  • Acquisitions of RF transmit and receive sites. Complete site acquisition services, zoning, regulatory compliance, and construction management services for small and medium scale deployments
  • Tower assets, base station equipment, mobile switching centers, and service platforms. Preventive and corrective maintenance as well as network performance enhancement
  • Planning, design, optimization and installation utilizing various technologies
  • Cellular personal communication services
  • Microwave networks for public safety
  • Research and Development
  • Wireless ID devices
  • Signal propagation tools for urban environment
  • Disaster wireless system infrastructure

24 x 7 Emergency Operations Support

24 hour on call technician availability for emergency outages and troubleshooting. Centrally located in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area.

Broadband Services

Welcome to a company with connections—our affiliations allow us to provide you with a family of services along with Internet Connectivity—full service ISP & Hosted VoIP solutions. The future of communications lies largely in technological benefits brought by IP, in converged solutions and in managed solutions.

3G. 4G, and Beyond

Network technology plays a significant role in science and business—new technologies to fit business needs. 3G, the third generation of wireless technology, is giving way to 4G, which will give way to 5G. The burgeoning data usage means rapid deployment of 4G networks.

The key to understanding the opportunity is using a no-one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to upgrades. We can help you scrutinize your needs on an individual basis before embarking an ambitious journey with ambiguous return on investment. You need to time to market realities. As such, a phased approach in deployment of 4G technologies will help your to a smooth cost-effective transition path to an all-IP environment. There are some significant scale advantages.

Site Acquisition and Development

Outsourcing Site Acquisition and Development means that you do not have to engage full-time employees, or people who are unsure of the intricacies of the detailed work effort required. Because we have experienced engineers and specialists we can provide the single source that simplifies your task. There are 20 separate tasks that require specialists in one form or another:

  • Site Acquisition / Zoning application and approval
  • Lease Negotiation and amendment execution
  • Search area investigation & candidate submittal
  • Building permit submittal & approval
  • Communication facility permit renewal
  • Architectural and Engineering services and management
  • Environmental compliance (NEPA, SHPO)
  • Regulatory compliance (FAA, FCC)
  • Construction project management
  • Project materials management
  • Property management and landlord coordination
  • Notice to proceed routing and processing for new builds and existing site repair/maintenance or upgrade projects
  • Check requests and vendor maintenance processing
  • Purchase orders - creating, tracking and releasing payment
  • Organizing and awarding auctions for all types of construction projects
  • Ordering of Monopoles, lattice towers, and various stealth towers / materials
  • Recording and reporting budget information
  • Quarterly and yearly budget planning
  • Project goals and milestones tracking
  • Tracking daily construction tasks during site builds and report to management teams

Property Management

  • Resolve customer and public issues with communication facilities
  • Bill tenant according to lease and supply necessary documents to tenants
  • Respond to landlords/customers/employees related to communication facilities
  • Prepare and send lease commencement letters to tenants
  • Updates lease records with commencement fees
  • Process account adjustments and prepare account reconciliations
  • Process rent payment reconciliations, consumer price index calculations, and SOX compliance procedures
  • Process landlord/vendor requests: address changes/updates, assignments, certificate of insurances, and rent/lease inquiries
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse/parts inventory management
  • Forklift certifications on file
  • Material handling – ordering, receiving, tracking and issuing
  • Interface with vendors and manufacturers

Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V)

LCSJ provides the full scope of IV&V Management using an agile approach. IV&V Services include:

  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluating results, impact of change
  • Milestone Reviews
  • Reporting

LCSJ has nine ways to perform IV&V focusing on the major elements to meet your needs. This becomes our checklist for performance-based management during the entire verification and validation process.
We provide three levels of quality checks using rotating team assignments. This means that the work of a single technician or engineer is checked by two other people, and that those who are checking quality change.


Requirements IV&V

Design IV&V

Installation IV&V

Review of concept documentation Traceability Analysis Traceability Analysis
Criticality Analysis
Software Design Evaluation
Determine Integrity Level Interface Analysis Inteface Analysis
Traceability analysis Metrics Metrics
Traceability analysis Initial Planning for Unit Test Completion of Unit Test
Requirements Evaluation Initial Planning for Integration Preparation
Interface Analysis Test Reporting
Initial Planning for System Reporting  

Unit Test

System Test

Installation Test

Unit Test Execution
Completion of System Test Preparation
Installation Configuration
Defect Analysis Execution of System Tests Audit
Reporting Defect Analysis Defect Analysis
  Reporting Audit

Customer Tests

Customer Tests

Structural Tests

Test Witnessing Impact-of-Change Analysis Document Inspection
Defect Analysis Repeat Management IV&V Training Evaluation
Reporting Repeat Technical IV&V Activities Security (FISMA, IA, C&A)
  IA and Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery
  Reporting Usability and Section 508 Accessibility


  Compliance (SOX, HSPD-12, etc.)
Load and Performance


Operations and Maintenance Services

Increasingly wireless systems operators are outsourcing operations management and maintenance to refocus their own resources. LCSJ provides:

  • Full-service maintenance and operations management
  • Critical operational elements and infrastructure
  • Tower assets
  • Base station equipment
  • Mobile switching centers
  • Service platforms
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Performance testing and enhancement

Use our LCSJ experts as an adjunct support force to enhance your own team.

The Benefit to You:

  • Our team will improve your resources and even improve their service capabilities through knowledge transfer
  • Outsource the full time operations and management of your wireless network.
  • You can focus on customer-facing issues and expansion.

Support Service Technical Staffing

LCSJ support services range from technical subject matter experts to on-the-street technicians. Our alliances with other small businesses in several technical specialty areas allows us to find and place the right people, with the right skills and education, in the right places at the right time.

  • Java Developers, J2EE, .NET, Project Management
  • IT Program and Project Managers
  • Satellite and Microwave Engineers and Technical Support Personnel.

Cable and Conduit Install and Repair

Cable termination, CAT6, configurations, routers, switches, cable testing and commission

What we do:

LCSJ performs 21 general and 15 specific tasks related to cable and conduit installation, repair, and upgrades. We are proficient in site surveys and installations. This includes a demonstrated record of past performance where we have been commended for uncovering facility discrepancies that would preclude project completion—blocked ducts or passageways, other facility constraints. We perform air-sampling studies and ensure the permissible exposure level (PEL) is greater than the standard set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA.) We also notify the Government Task Manager or Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative COTR of any facility discrepancies, and then we recommend, and take corrective action.

Benefits to You:

  • Lowered project and schedule risk
  • Quality Assurance through performance-based project management, and a well-established Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) and top levels of performance
  • Professional and proactive engineering and supervision – staffed with self-motivated, self-starters and self-supervisors
  • Experienced rapid reaction force
  • We document our work
  • We document our level of performance
  • We document discrepancies.

LCSJ develops a Statement of Work (SOW) and a list of the typical Labor Categories for most Federal, state and local contracts.

Click Here to download an example of the SOW for Cable & Conduit Installation, Repair, and Upgrade.



Outside Plant Services

  • Copper cable splicing
  • Fiber splicing and termination
  • T-1 installation and testing
  • Hourly Service Technician
  • Buried service drop or cable placement
  • Exposed service drop placement


Federal, State and Local Contracting

LCSJ delivers superior deliverables at competitive prices for our Federal, State and Local customers. We have a DCAA-approved accounting system and demonstrated record of excellence through our Past Performance References.

Further, besides being an 8(a) Small Business we have strong teaming relationships with Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, 8(a), Hubzones, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other minority institutions.

Most of our Federal contracts deal with telecommunications infrastructure support and providing a full range of network and infrastructure services

  • Competitive Pricing and Superior Deliverables
  • Wireless Telecommunications Expertise
  • Full range of Network and Infrastructure services
  • DCAA Approved
  • Accounting System
  • Demonstrated Excellent Past Performance References
  • Strong teaming relationships with Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, 8(a), Hubzones, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) / Minority Institutions
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Support
  • 3M-Authorized Exporter (Africa and Middle East)
  • Service to local and state governments
  • Service to Federal agencies


LCSJ provides fleetmapping that includes the latest features for complete fleet management. GPS Fleet Management encompasses many different disciplines including GPS vehicle tracking, message dispatch, job ticketing, e-commerce, vehicle sensors and control, vehicle maintenance, integration to market specific software, graphical tracking mapping, wireless integration and custom integration to industry specific equipment.

We provide fleet resource management products and services—base software and in-vehicle hardware that integrates global positioning system (GPS) technology, wireless communications, and transaction processing. We enable clients to efficiently manage their mobile resources by helping them gather information on the unknown—the specific activities of their fleets—and to provide instant data communication of vehicle activity and GPS position.

We can provide Client-Server and a Web based subscriber services. The two systems have a similar basic feature set and can be interfaced with third party software systems, a credit card processing option, SMS/Email Alert system, arrival notification and Google support.

The Benefit to You:

  • Understanding how fleetmapping works and what information is available through the systems. The major difference will be your understanding of the up front cost, and the cost-saving alternatives
  • We ensure real time tracking of your emergency fleet of vehicles.

Fleetmapping Features

  Bird's Eye View   History Trail (Map View)

  View Fleet on Map   History Trail (List View)
  Vehicle with Traffic Updates   Auxilliary Input Reporting
  Satellite / Aerial Truck View   Subfleet Display
  Web Map View   Real Time Alerts
  Reverse GeoCode   Reporting
  Landmarked Geofences   Playback Feature
  User-Defined Landmarks   Calendarb Selection
  Detailed Fleet GPS Data  

Options you may want to consider:

  • Configurable e-Mail alerts and optional Short Message Service (SMS) alerts
  • Full reporting suite with the ability to schedule reports to be delivered at your when and where you want them
  • Fully configurable interface
  • Google mapping with custom maps for overseas markets
  • Log download option for accident analysis, speeding offenses
  • Multi vehicle map display
  • Points of Interest
  • Real-time reporting
  • Route replay